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Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Why I am your best, trustful and efficient business partner ... The story starts with Richard Branson and “Virgin Express” a couple of decades ago. What a fabulous time! my first job then, was to solve problems with calm and serenity and to find quick, cost-controlled and efficient solutions. I remember a calm and chaotic time with fast-thinking when we had 30 minutes to find an alternative pilot for a 300-seat aircraft landing at an airport technically known by only a few.

When I think of my values I think of trust, respect, curiosity, empathy, loyalty, hard-work, flexibility and social responsibilities. I was chosen for these values as a freelance manager for the Opera Garnier and for my ability to genuinely care and connect people with different cultures, backgrounds and languages. I was the bound and the caring persona between the technical crew and the 20 international dancers from Italy, Spain, Holland and Poland. Every single person was referring to me to organise smoothly both their work and private agendas. I have delivered and organised a stressless tour spreading positive vibes and joy within the team and crew creating lifetime friendships and memories.

Radio France international took me to South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia for more trips, an emotional journey into memorable landscapes and personal stories. That chapter fulfilled my curiosity and joy of discovering the unknown in the world.

Back in Belgium after 3 years living abroad, a young top-level horse rider and heir to a fashion empire hired me to work as a family officer alongside her. I have spent 5 years working for her and her family including 6 months in Florida within an ultra-international network. I overcame their expectations as I am self-organised and able to run multi tasks and complex projects whilst delivering the expected results and reaching the goal. It has been a rich experience combining high-expectations, luxury and respect for privacy.

All these stories make my international story and have made me your best business partner. I welcome the international world to Brussels with as much warmth and care as if it was my own family. I remember how the people around the world have welcomed me when travelling around. I look forward to welcoming you to my world.

Caroline Driesen

Caroline Driesen Relocation Consultancy Belgium

I'm Caroline

We are a relocation and mobility agency offering bespoke relocation services for your move to Belgium.

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