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Moving to Belgium?
We are a relocation and mobility agency offering bespoke relocation services for your move to Belgium.

Relocation to Belgium

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Relocation & immigration services in Belgium

Caroline Driesen Relocation Consultancy offers relocation assistance when moving to Belgium. From immigration to integration into Belgium lifestyle, we can assist for a smooth transition for you and your family, while you concentrate on your new job opportunities.

Whether you need help from A to Z or partial assistance, our relocation services are flexible, find what best matches your needs & wishes. 

CDRC immigration and relocation services  are aimed both at individuals managing their own move to Belgium and at human resource managers who wish to successfully outsource the relocation & immigration process of their employees. 

Essential skills and attitudes to make a relocation project a rewarding success are high responsiveness, strong flexibility, active listening, knowledge of the regional systems in Belgium, steady commitment and caring friendliness. 

Relocation can be wonderful when managed by the right people.

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Why I am your best, trustful and efficient business partner

The story starts with Richard Branson and “Virgin Express” a couple of decades ago. What a fabulous time ! My first job then, was to solve problems with calm and serenity and to find quick, cost-controlled and efficient solutions. I remember a calm and chaotic time with fast-thinking when we had 30 minutes to find an alternative pilot for a 300-seat aircraft landing at an airport technically known by only a few.

When I think of my values I think of trust, respect, curiosity, empathy, loyalty, hard-work, flexibility and social responsibilities. (...)

Why use relocation services when moving to Belgium?

Belgium unravels its hidden gems to the slow traveller. But settling in process can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared to deal with the red tape nightmare; the thousands of real estate offering limited choice; the disparity of service level; the language issues; the complexity of Belgian leases contracts and its regional disparities. Save yourself stress, time and money, hire a relocation consultant and start enjoying Belgium’s cheerful lifestyle quick.


Discover why using relocation services is important in our video and why choosing Caroline Driesen Relocation Consultancy is the best choice for being efficiently supported when moving to Belgium.

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